Midnight Espresso Liqueur

Pieces of “ME”

Regular Midnight Espresso and Decaffeinated Midnight Espresso are made with handcrafted vodka that is made in the U.S.A. Our vodka is an artisanal product that actually goes through multiple stages of filtration in a specialized system. Next, we add freshly brewed espresso. Our espresso is not just any espresso, however. It is the top 2% of Arabica beans sourced from around the world, hand-selected and blended just for Midnight Espresso. We took months and months testing different blends and roasts of espresso beans to match the taste of Mom’s espresso from years ago. The beans are air roasted, which is the best way to retain the natural aromas, flavors, and oils of the coffee beans. Of course, our liqueur is made with a few other secret ingredients, but you’ll just have to try Midnight Espresso Liqueur and guess for yourself!

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