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About “ME”

The Midnight Espresso™ Coffee Liqueur Story

Midnight Espresso Coffee Liqueur is a globally award-winning artisanal coffee liqueur company with a proud history. Midnight Espresso started in Missouri in the early 1970’s in the kitchen of our Co-Founder Judy. For many years she made her espresso coffee liqueur for fun and enjoyed freely providing the delicious aperitif to family and friends. Back then the favorite ways to enjoy her coffee liqueur were over ice, with cream, mixed in coffee, and over vanilla ice cream. Now the options are endless.

Judy recently made the decision to pass her recipe and technique on to her partner and daughter—Angela. The two ladies founded Midnight Espresso Coffee Liqueurs with the mission of bringing “Mom’s” 40–year tradition of friendship, love and warmth to people everywhere.

Our coffee is a local Air Roasted, Fair Trade, Specialty Grade Arabica blended coffee which includes only the top 2 percent of Arabica coffee grown in the world.  Midnight Espresso Coffee Liqueur is a vodka-based coffee liqueur utilizing a globally award-winning artisanal vodka that’s handcrafted in the U.S.A. Thank you for reading the Midnight Espresso Coffee Liqueur story and for sharing our passion! Take a little “ME” time for yourself today!


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